Rapidly and securely
comply with GDPR

SecureSlate simplifies GDPR compliance by guiding you through each step, ensuring adherence to European data privacy regulations and maintaining necessary security.

GDPR compliance requirements

Enabling EU residents to be informed of the collection and processing of their personal data
Allowing EU residents to opt-out of certain personal data processing activities, request disclosure of their collected personal information in a portable format, and request that their personal data be forgotten
Record the data collected, its processing method, authorized access, and legal basis.
Encrypting, anonymizing, and/or pseudonymizing personal information
Establishing and maintaining information security policies and procedures
Training personnel on GDPR requirements

Quickly establish GDPR policies
and procedures

SecureSlate provides a platform for businesses to create customized GDPR-compliant security policies. They can choose from pre-existing policies, make changes and share with their staff for review, all on the SecureSlate platform.

Ensure cloud infrastructure
safety with scanning

SecureSlate helps you comply with GDPR regulations by connecting, monitoring, and configuring your cloud infrastructure. It scans for security risks without needing to install any agents, using only read-only access.

Exclusive GDPR training to
your employees

Obtaining GDPR training can be both costly and complicated. SecureSlate has developed its own training program for personnel who handle GDPR-protected data, as well as those who are responsible for securing it.

Stay compliant with
GDPR standards

We ensure your compliance by regularly checking your security controls for GDPR's encryption and access requirements. Our experts keep our frameworks up-to-date with the latest requirements to help you stay compliant.

The easiest route to GDPR compliance

Secure your business with SecureSlate