Keep track of everything with a
robust dashboard

Continuously fix misconfigurations throughout your technological system. Get visibility and insights on critical security and privacy compliance issues.

Track progress in

Say goodbye to sifting through countless documents to stay informed on your ISMS. With our ISMS dashboard, you can easily view risk assessments, track project progress, check for pending tasks, and more, all in one convenient location.

Monitor potential
risks and incidents

Based on likelihood and impact, Secureslate's straightforward risk matrix rates the underlying threats to your company. It also makes recommendations for potential threats, mitigating measures, and controls so you can stay on top of all risks

Get instant

Stay on top of everything by receiving immediate notifications for all relevant activity in your workspace. Whether it's a new document to read or a task that has been completed, you will be informed in real-time without needing to constantly refresh for updates.

The easiest route to ISO27001 compliance

Secure your business with Secureslate

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