Secure your data with informed

Protecting your systems and data relies heavily on the actions of people, who can either be a valuable defense or a major vulnerability. With Secureslate, it's now easier than ever to ensure that your personnel are well-informed and properly trained.

Groups for

You don't have to make every policy and training mandatory for every individual. By creating groups, you can choose to assign policies and training selectively based on departments, teams, or specific job roles, granting you more flexibility.

Monitor vendor

Effortlessly keep track access provided to every Personnel in the interconnected systems. Consistently oversee and assess the team's access to make certain that users are granted access only as required to execute their job responsibilities.

Automatic employee
data Sync

Streamline the your personnel onboarding process by integrating HR, SSO, and MDM for automatic employee data sync.

The easiest route to ISO27001 compliance

Secure your business with Secureslate

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