Effortlessly Ensure
HIPAA Compliance

SecureSlate's platform enables businesses to easily manage their HIPAA compliance obligations, from policy creation to audit preparation.

Easily create your HIPAA
privacy and security policies

Easiliy create HIPAA-compliant privacy and security policies using our policy library on the SecureSlate platform. Customize them to fit your organization's needs and share them with your employees.

Provide HIPAA best practices
training to employees

SecureSlate’s progress dashboard lets you monitor your team's completion of HIPAA privacy and security training. You can track quiz results and policy acceptance to ensure your employees are compliant.

PHI vendor

Effortlessly add vendors responsible for managing, overseeing, or engaging with PHI. Maintain security by receiving instant alerts regarding any concerns or potential risks

Access and monitor
HIPAA safeguards

Consistently oversee and gather proof related to your administrative and technical measures aimed at safeguarding PHI. SecureSlate has more than a hundred integrations with the most commonly used vendors.

The easiest route to HIPAA compliance

Secure your business with SecureSlate