Automated Vendor
risk management

Protect your business from risk with our vendor relationship lifecycle management. We help you maintain a strong security and privacy compliance posture by effectively mitigating risk throughout the entire vendor lifecycle.

Secure vendor risk assessment
Data Management

SecureSlate makes it easy to understand the risk level for each vendor based on the sensitivity of data they can impact and how important they are to your business processes. Simply fill out the vendor assessment information and the SecureSlate platform provides risk recommendations.

Securely manage Vendor
Compliance Reports

Safeguard your business against compliance risks with our platform designed to securely store and review vendor compliance reports. With easy access to this information, you can meet regulatory obligations while also enhancing your security and privacy compliance posture.

Enhanced third-party
System Access Monitoring

Stay compliant and secure by efficiently monitoring third-party vendor access to your systems with SecureSlate's vendor access feature. Streamline your access management and save valuable time.

The easiest route to compliance

Secure your business with SecureSlate