Third-party vendor
risk management

Manage your vendor relationship lifecycle to mitigate risk and maintain a strong security and privacy compliance posture.

Vendor risk

Secureslate makes it easy to understand the risk level for each vendor based on the sensitivity of data they can impact and how important they are to your business processes. Simply fill out the vendor assessment information and the Secureframe platform provides risk recommendations.

Compliance reports
and reviewing

Securely store and review compliance reports of your vendors for convenient access and reporting. Keeping track of your vendors' compliance not only meets regulatory requirements but also enhances your security and privacy compliance stance.

Monitor access of
third-party vendors

Most frameworks require companies to monitor and track third-party personnel system access. Secureslate’s vendor access feature allows companies to easily monitor and review third-party vendor access to systems.

The easiest route to ISO27001 compliance

Secure your business with Secureslate

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