Enhance your asset management with our
Inventory Tracking

Our Asset Inventory solution offers a comprehensive view of your organization's assets by consolidating data from multiple sources, including our SecureSlate Agent and various integrations like (MDM), Version Control, and Cloud Service Providers.

Secure your business with
Employee Device Monitoring

Our Employee Device Monitoring solution enables you to identify out-of-compliance devices quickly and easily on a single page. You can check workstations for misconfiguration or connect your Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to our platform for a comprehensive view of your employee devices.

Ensure security with our
Cloud Resource Monitoring

Our Cloud Resource Monitoring solution facilitates the audit process by keeping track of and managing the cloud resources that fall within its scope. With our innovative platform, you can easily identify which resources are designated for development, production, or not applicable, enabling clear distinction between them.

Master your code with our
Version Control View

Achieve better code control with our version control repositories. Our system provides comprehensive features such as indicators for urgent modifications, testing for seamless integration, and static code analysis to ensure that your code is error-free.

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